Technical and Exploration Diving






The course prepares students for diving activities beyond the limits of “recreational sport diving”. These activities include depths to a maximum of 165 fsw/ 50 msw and involve multi-gas switches for decompression that will extend to a maximum of approximately 30 minutes. Full Oxygen and decompression tracking, dive planning, emergency protocol, equipment handling, and stress management skills, are covered in detail. This program is intended to serve as the building block of all of the ANDI Technical and Exploration programs.

Technical Ratings

Technical SafeAir Diver – (L3) TSD

Technical Tri-Mix Diver – (L3) TTM

Solo  Diver – (L3) SLD

Technical Wreck Diver – (L3) TWD

Technical SafeAir Instructor – (L3) TSI

Technical Instructor (Specialty) – (L3)

Technical Divemaster – (L3) TDM

Cave Diver (L3) CAV

Cave Diver Instructor – (L3) CAI


Exploration Ratings

Extended Range Diver – (L4) ERD

Extended Range Instructor – (L4) ERI

Intermediate Tri-Mix Diver – (L5) ITM

Tri-Mix Diver – (L5) TMD

Exploration Divemaster – (L4 & 5) EDM

Tri-Mix Instructor – (L5) TMI

Cave Explorer – (L4) CVX

Cave Explorer Instructor – (L4) CXI

Cave Explorer – (L5) CVX

Cave Explorer Instructor – (L5) CXI