SafeAir – Nitrox Diving

Without question the industry’s leader and innovator in bringing SafeAir / Nitrox diving to the world. ANDI was the first to develop the integrated teaching methodology and we, along with a little help from our friends lobbied incessantly in support of this emerging and gateway technology. We were successful in changing the industry.


SafeAir Ratings

Complete SafeAir User – (L2) CSULimited SafeAir User – (L1) LSU

SafeAir Instructor – (L1 & 2) LSI & CSI

SafeAir Wreck Diver – (L2) SWD

Altitude Diver Specialty – (L2) ALD

Specialty Instructor – (L2)

SafeAir Divemaster – (L2) SDM

Cavern Diver – (L2) CVN

Cavern Diver Instructor – (L2) CVI