AHA Flex 2.0 Hyperbaric Chamber​​

Certificate: class IIb medical device (MDD 93/42/EEC)

Working pressure of the chamber: 200 kPa (2.0 bar)

Dimensions of the hyperbaric chamber: length: 250 cm, diameter: 85 cm

Number of occupants: two people

Weight of the chamber: approx. 40 kg

Materials: anti-oxidizing materials which do not lose on quality, despite higher concentrations of oxygen

Safety: closing system with a special zipper and strips with inox buckles, which protect the zipper

​Warranty: AHA Flex 20 has a two-year manufacturer’s warranty or 2000 working hours

Stability: a special double anti-roll bolsters


The chamber works with the help of:

  1. an oil-free compressor, which enables pressure to rise inside the chamber. The compressor is working throught the whole duration of the therapy, as it provides inside the chamber the nessecary ventilation.
  2. Two Oxygen concentrators, which produces the breathing gas inside the chamber. The person who is getting the hyperbaric therapy breaths through an NRB (non-rebreather) Mask.